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Things made with my patterns


Commission Information

Commissions Closed


:star:Chibi Human

Price Range: $70-$150

Height: 9"

Commission: Sigyn by dollphinwing Avatar Korra version 2 plushie by dollphinwing
Skyrim Cicero Plush by dollphinwing Rosario Vampire Shirayuki Mizore Plush by dollphinwing

:star:Tall Human

Price Range: $150-$300

Height: 12" (or bigger!)

Yoko Littner Gurren Lagann Plush doll by dollphinwingNadia Plush Doll by dollphinwingRainbow Rocks Rarity Plush Doll by dollphinwing


Price Range: $75-$250

Height: 9-10" (or bigger!)

Shiny Riolu Poketime style plush by dollphinwingPikachu Cosplay Plushie by dollphinwingShiny Cradily Plush by dollphinwing


Price Range: $70-$150

Height: 9-10" (12-13" height: $120-250)

Cheese Sandwich Plush with poncho and Boneless by dollphinwingRainbow Power Rarity and Twilight Plush For Sale by dollphinwingBig Apple Ponycon Stock one for sale by dollphinwing

:star: Miscellaneous

Price Range: $75-$250

Height: 9-12" (or bigger!)

I can make other things besides these styles listed, please send me a note with your inquiry!

Wolf Link Plushie by dollphinwingMonchan Plush by dollphinwingKimba the White Lion Plush by dollphinwing

The bigger and more detailed the plush is, the more expensive it will get.
Prices are based on cost of materials+my hourly wage

:star:How to order:star:
Please send me a note here on DeviantArt, fill out the form on my website or send me an e-mail at with this form filled out:

Approx. Size:
Where you live: (just need to know the country for shipping estimates)
How you will pay:

Partial payment is required to reserve a slot!
Full payment is required before I start!

Please watch for when commissions open and closed and how many slots I'm taking at the time as well as any extra information.

I expect full payment before I even start your plush! I accept money orders and paypal, and if you need to pay with a credit card I can make a listing for you on my etsy store.…
Your doll will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks once started, please be patient! Progress photos are available on request.
No refunds for original character plush once started.

You may pay for insurance on your package, all packages come with a tracking number. Once it leaves my hands it is no longer my responsibility.
If you have a problem with your plush, it arrived damaged or needs to be repaired, please send photos of the problem. You can send a damaged plush back to me to repair if you pay for return shipping.
No returns on original or obscure characters will be accepted.
Items I will not make:
-Welcome to Nightvale
-"anatomically correct" plush
-very gory/violent plush


Q. How much is it?
A.Each style has a base price and can go up depending on the level of detail of the doll. If your plush gets very complicated and large the price may go up past the price range stated.
Q. How do you put the faces on your dolls?
A. All the faces are directly printed onto the fabric! Eyes for ponies and animals are also printed felt that are appliqued onto the face.
Q. How do I make dolls, omg how did you make that??
A. First of all I learned how to sew when I was little then kept making plushies as I grew up. There are many tutorials and patterns you can use to learn and improve!
Q. How big is this plush?
A. Usually 9-12 inches, but I can make larger ones if you request.
Q. What material do you use?
A. Minky, deersuede, winter fleece and sometimes other types of fabric. I try to use the highest quality materials whenever possible.
Q. When are you gonna be done with my plush?
A. Anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Progress photos are available upon request.
Q. Will you make Homestuck/Welcome to Nightvale etc. plush?
A. No, I can not make you a Homestuck plush. Things like Homestuck and Welcome to Nightvale, their creators have specifically said they do not want their fans to sell artwork of their characters. If you can provide proof of permission then yes, I can make something for you.
Q. But you make other fanart and sell that?
A. Every fan-work that I make, (Pokemon, anime characters etc.) I only make one or two of each character to sell. Basically when it comes to fanart, if the company has explicitly said no, I won't do it. If the company is lenient and has said a statement about liking fan work or it's an anime that doesn't have merch here then sure, I will make something for you. But I won't be making 50 Pikachus to sell because that would be bad!
Q. Will you make a character in a sexual pose/realistic anatomy/violent/gory/etc?
A. I only make the tall human style with realistic anatomy and the most you'll get is a butt shape and boobs with no nipples :P Everything else is probably gonna be a no.
Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes, I will quote you on the price to ship to your country. Shipping for U.S. residents is a flat rate of $3.50, above 12" is about $5-$8.






He's Coming...

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 6:51 PM

Eggwala is coming!!

Well, almost. I'm planning a kickstarter for this lil' guy!

This is a sample prototype I got made and hopefully, with successful funding, there will be a lot more where that came from :D

So stay tuned for more news regarding the Eggwala and the kickstarter to get your very own!

*No Eggwalas were harmed from taking this photo


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A magical undersea princess from outer space

Important Information:
Commissions -…
Store -
Facebook -

Commission Status

Commission Status

1. :icondemonknightroni: :star-half: :star-empty:
2. Customer not on DA :star: :star:
3. :iconmr-tiaa: :star-empty::star-empty:

:star-empty: :star-empty: = Not started
:star-half: :star-empty: = Started
:star: :star-empty: = Half-way finished
:star: :star-half: =Almost finished
:star: :star: = Finished



:star: Commissions: Open Feb. 25th
:star: Trades: Plush only
:star: Custom Patterns: Closed

Upcoming Conventions:
Castle Point Anime Convention: March 29th

Available Patterns:…

Plushie Wish-List

I want..

1. Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles
2. Mandragora from Final Fantasy XII - wish fulfilled by :iconbubble-rhapsody:
3. Penelo from Final Fantasy XII
4. Gum from Jet Set Radio
5. Chao (any kind)
6. Dragonite

Would love to do plushie trades with other artists :)




Mar 3, 2015
8:15 pm
Mar 3, 2015
7:48 pm
Mar 3, 2015
6:35 pm
Mar 3, 2015
3:20 pm
Mar 3, 2015
1:19 pm


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I'm good, how are you?
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Yes I actually made a Cadance a couple weeks ago, just haven't posted it yet :)
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I'm gonna post her later so keep an eye on your inbox :)
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Thanks very much, and thanks for watching me!
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